Build a Rammed Earth Fence

Rammed Earth Wall Rammed Earth Fence

Rammed Earth blends in with nature so beautifully with pastel earthy tones and subtle textures. Made layer by layer, it looks as if it was slowly built over thousands of years. The walls emanate a peaceful energetic quality.

Rammed Earth Wall Rammed Earth Wall

People are attracted to natural materials so wood is usually chosen as fence material. Save some trees and build a rammed earth fence. Made from a mixture of compacted stone, sand, clay and a little cement; rammed earth walls are durable and can last for generations. Imagine a fence that has a stone like hardness but is warm, soft and beautiful to look at. Rammed earth will not rot so there will be no need to replace the fence and use more old growth trees. Soundproofing is another benefit of this material; it's perfect to shield you from noisy road traffic.

There are many soft pastel colors to choose from according to one's artistic taste. See the color palette in our "Pictures" section for only some of the many options. Walls can be straight or curved and thicker or thinner according to taste. Another option is to use multi-color layering or embed objects in the wall such as colorful stones or fossils. There is a lot of creative potential that is possible with some imagination.

Rammed Earth Fence - Japan Rammed Earth Fence

Clifton Schooley & Associates can build you an artistic and beautiful rammed earth fence or other landscaping feature for your back yard or garden. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities 1-250-653-2035.