Rammed Earth House Pictures

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Stowel Lake Farm House

This is Jen and David's rammed earth house on Stowel Lake farm, Salt Spring Island. It is truly a sophisticated home that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

rammed-earth-house rammed-earth-kitchen-pillars
Rammed-earth-walls-curved-stairs round-window
Rammed-earth-house-salt-spring-island rammed-earth-builders

Ravine House

This rammed earth house was built on the top of a ravine that has a creek running through it. Our client Elizabeth was adventurous and decided to make her walls pink and the results were outstanding as you can see.

rammed-earth-house-pink-1 rammed-earth-walls-pink-2
Rammed-Earth-Salt-Spring-Island-Ravine-3 rammed-earth-pillars-wall-ravine
rammed-earth-pillars-saltspring-island rammed-earth-home-canada-ravine

Hart House

The rammed earth walls for this house were built for Josh and Heidi on Salt Spring Island, BC. The rammed earth is complimented nicely thanks to Josh's great wordworking skills.'

Rammed-earth-walls-red Rammed-earth-canada-curves-doors
rammed-earth-hart-house rammed-earth-house-red
Rammed-Earth-home-Canada Rammed-earth-windows-hart

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