Rammed Earth Pictures

The following pictures are only a small sample of what is possible with rammed earth. What a beautiful, durable and sophisticated style of natural building!

Japanese Gate

These walls were built for the Japanese Garden society on Salt Spring Island. They wanted to use 2 rammed earth walls with traditional Japanese woodworking to create a beautiful entrance to the Peace Park.

Japanese Rammed Earth Gate apanese Rammed Earth Gate 2

Gary's Garage

Gary wanted a garage that was not only durable but artistic. We used different colours of stone to create layers. They included white and grey limestone and also some green polished rocks on the surface of the rammed earth.

Rammed Earth Garage 1 Rammed Earth Garage 2

Vancouver Garden Wall

This rammed earth garden and seating wall was built in Vancouver as a neighbourhood project. We used crushed limestone with different colour layers and a line of red and black lava.

rammed-earth-Vancouver 1 rammed-earth-Vancouver 2
rammed-earth-Vancouver 3 rammed-earth-Vancouver 4

Chemainus Greenhouse Wall

Rammed earth has great thermal mass and this is why Scott and Carla chose it for their new greenhouse. The heat retention properties of the thick wall allow heat to soak into the wall capturing solar energy which increases the growing season for the plants inside.

rammed-earth-greenhouse-1 rammed-earth-greenhouse-2

Color Samples

This rammed earth color palette shows only some of the possible colors for walls, there are hundreds of shades to choose from.


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