Insulated Rammed Earth - Canada

Insulated Rammed Earth Wall Diagram

Our insulated rammed earth walls keep you cozy in the winter due to their high thermal mass and insulation in the center of the walls. With an r-value of around 33 an insulated rammed earth wall has a 50% higher r-value than a conventional stick frame house. Essentially, we are using a double masonry wall system that is closed over on the ends. This is not a new concept when using concrete, stone or brick, but an adaptation for rammed earth in colder climates.

Currently, all rammed earth builders in Canada are using this method. No one has or can patent an insulated rammed earth wall, however they can choose to trademark a name or patent a forming system, so don't be fooled by any such claims.

Energy efficiency is a key benefit of this type of wall system which leads to saving money and saving the earth resources.

When making a rammed earth wall, 4 inches of rigid insulation is placed inside the wall and the rammed earth is packed on both sides. The insulation is placed in 2 foot high sections at a time as the wall progresses upward.

Insulated Rammed Earth 2 Insulated Rammed Earth 1

Insulated rammed earth walls are perfect for the climate of Canada with their strength, durability and heat saving properties. Since the insulation is on the inside; the natural beauty, color and texture of the walls remain for people to enjoy for generations.

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